Volunteering Improves Quality of Life for Both People Involved!

Volunteering, by nature, is an altruistic act which provides support, companionship, and a variety of benefits that improve the quality of life for people in our community. Incidentally, volunteering reaps equal rewards for the person donating their time. The simple act of donating some time and compassion creates ripples in a community that strengthens bonds. Some of those ripples include strengthening connections in communities, breaking down prejudices, increasing a sense of belonging, and allowing individuals to be a part of something greater than themselves.

When people from different areas of the community work together, they often find that they have much more in common than they thought, and it helps break down barriers that do not need to exist. Many elderly people feel isolated in their homes as it is too difficult to get out and be a part of their community, like they did when they were younger. When a volunteer comes to visit, it’s as if the community is brought to them. This helps improve mental health and the sense of belonging for people.

Two individuals holding hands while walking through a bustling cityscape, symbolizing unity and connection.

Experiencing a sense of meaning matters for having a fulfilling and happy life. Think about all the connections you have in your community and in your life. Those connections and roles bring meaning to your life and ultimately a sense of well-being and happiness. As we age and lose people we love, our world begins to shrink.We may lose our spouse, friends, and family members. Having a volunteer come in and spend some time with you would be a bright spot in your day and something to look forward to.

In turn, when you are the person stopping by to spend some time with someone, you experience a level of belonging and gratitude that’s simply not felt in any other way. Being of use to someone in need feels good and brings happiness. It creates a sense of belonging and connection to your community.

Every one of us is necessary and we have the ability to bring comfort and caring to someone in need. Take that leap and give it a try! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator and see where we need you! There are no time commitments required, just bring an open mind and a caring heart, and we at Aleca will do the rest.

Your precious time matters, and we thank you for connecting on a deeper level to your community!


Please click the link below or call and ask for the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator

(480) 748-4300 | https://alecahealth.com/careers

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