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Does Aleca have guidelines for COVID-19?

The entire Aleca staff is fully vaccinated and follow guidelines that you can read about here.

Home Health

What is Home Health Care?

Home Health care assists patients recovering from an illness, medical condition or surgical procedure. Unlike short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation, a hospital stay is not required to be admitted for home health care. Aleca coordinates the services your doctor orders and provides highly skilled clinical and therapy care in your home. Services include skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy, medical social workers, registered dieticians and home health aides. Specialized programming is available for those with COPD, pain, and congestive heart failure.

Why is it important to start or continue with Home Health services during COVID-19?
  • Your current medical conditions will not improve nor go away on their own. Quite the opposite is likely to happen.
  • Participating in home health services will decrease your re-hospitalization risk, thereby keeping you at home where you have the least exposure to germs and viruses.
  • Our home health care offers superior quality, personalized care given by highly trained clinicians whose goal is to keep you safe while addressing your specific needs.
  • Unlike in the hospital, while you are being treated at home, you control your surroundings and can remain as functional and independent as possible. This provides a much higher sense of security and dignity.
  • Home health promotes healing and provides increased safety from infections.
  • Home health allows you to have targeted interventions that are crucial for improved health, strength and wellness.
  • We also provide education to yourself, loved ones and caregivers specific to your needs and diagnosis.
  • Tasks and activities are tailored to your specific home setup thereby increasing ease of skill mastery.
What extra safety precautions has Aleca implemented to keep patients and staff safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • We follow the recommendations of the CDC on using basic contact precautions to prevent the spread and being diligent with our field practices to minimize infection.
  • We continuously stay up to date with all guidance and recommendations of the CDC and local health departments.
  • We use recommended personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • We have implemented a health monitoring system for all employees that includes daily temperature taking and monitoring for signs of illness.
  • We practice proper hand washing hygiene.
  • We follow the CDC guidelines for sneezing and coughing.
  • We perform routine environmental cleaning.
  • We properly disinfect all items that are brought into and out of a patient’s home.
  • We limit the items brought into a patient’s home to only essentials.
Does Medicare cover Home Health services?

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and/or Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) cover eligible home health services including skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services, medical social services and home health aide services.

Does Aleca accept my Medicare Advantage or private insurance?

Aleca Home Health is contracted with several Managed Care insurance providers and other private insurers. Please contact us and we will help you navigate through this process and review your options.

Does Aleca provide other care services in the home?

Yes, Aleca offers nursing and therapy services at home, as well as Palliative and Hospice care. Please contact us to discuss your care options.


Is Hospice a place?

Hospice is a service, not a place. Hospice care is provided wherever you reside. In some short-term circumstances for caregiver respite or uncontrolled symptom management Aleca hospice can provide in-patient care in our beautiful short-term nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

Will Hospice hasten my death?

No, hospice provides comfort care that promotes quality of life. Through symptom management patients who receive hospice care report more quality of life and sometimes increased length of life as suffering is relieved. Some patients improve on hospice care and return to other care models.

How will I receive Hospice care?

Hospice goes beyond physical care. When you arrange for hospice services, you have access to a dedicated team that includes a social worker, chaplain and compassionate volunteers. Our interfaith chaplain can provide spiritual guidance, while social workers offer secular counseling and help the patient access community resources. Hospice provides services for the patient and for the family and caregivers supporting the patient.

Does Hospice care require hospitalization?

No, hospice has a goal to keep you out of the hospital. Hospice staff are available 24 hours a day to provide support, answer questions or make a visit for symptom management. Hospice care offers more flexibility in where patients spend their remaining time. With more options, you can choose to spend as much time as possible in a soothing place, surrounded by our caring staff and your loved ones.

What about my family?

Many patients in the final stages of life are concerned about how their friends and family members are coping. Our social workers and chaplain are here to help your loved ones through this difficult time. Volunteers may be provided to help relieve family members who are caring for their loved ones at home. Hospice also provides continued bereavement support for 13 months after a loved one passes away to anyone that may be in need.

What is the cost for Hospice care?

Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Veterans Affairs and private insurance typically pay for hospice care. While each hospice program has its own policy regarding payment for care, services are often offered based on need rather than the ability to pay. Aleca is an approved Medicare provider. If you have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and meet the Medicare conditions, you pay nothing for hospice care.

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