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Introducing CareConnect

Reimagining Comprehensive In-Home Health Care

Alante CareConnect is an innovative partnership between Alante Health and Aleca Home Health & Hospice, providing a bundled suite of comprehensive in-home healthcare services to patients facing chronic illnesses or requiring palliative or hospice care from the comfort of their homes.

CareConnect deploys Advanced Nurse Practitioners to lead the Alante and Aleca clinical teams in completing primary care during in-home visits. This enables seamless patient care coordination with their respective physicians and care teams, leading to better patient experiences, elevated satisfaction scores, and enhanced healthcare outcomes.


  • Nurse Practitioner In-Home Visits
  • Patient care coordination
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Palliative care
  • Home health
  • Hospice
  • In-home outpatient therapy
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Skilled Nursing


  • 24/7 patient access to Alante CareConnect team.
  • Reduction in length of hospital stay.
  • Reduction in avoidable ER visits, observation stays, and re-hospitalizations.
  • Simplification of discharge process for hospital and patient.
  • Improved customer service, quality scores, and star ratings.
  • Reduction in leakage from out-of-hospital network through improved care coordination.

“Alanté cares for the individual patient. Great listeners that keep their focus and empathy solely on me.”

–H. Morales

CareConnect addresses the top reasons for avoidable ER visits, observational stays, and rehospitalizations:

  1. Errors with medication or lack of complete medication history.
  2. Medication non-compliance.
  3. Fall injuries.
  4. Lack of timely follow up care.
  5. Failure to identify post-acute care needs.
  6. Inadequate nutrition.
  7. Lack of transportation to access care.
  8. Infection.
  9. Premature hospital discharge.
  10. Inadequate discussion of palliative and hospice care.

Source: Proprietary Alumus market research.

CareConnect Process

Step 1: Referral

Case manager contacts Aleca with a home health order.

Step 2: In-Home Visit

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner (NP) completes an in-home visit within 48 hours of discharge.

Step 3: Home Health Initiation

Aleca Home Health initiates an in home health visit within 48 hours of discharge.

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Aleca Oregon – 503.954.2197

Aleca Arizona – 480.264.4568


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