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  • Aleca provides healthcare treatments and services
  • Aleca is a group of professional caregivers and medical experts
  • Aleca specializes in senior care

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Shaping Aleca

We see a better way for healthcare by advocating for patients, following evidence-based clinical practices, caring for people holistically, and improving continuity of care.

Aleca was formed in 2021 to kick off Sante’s expansion from primarily a skilled nursing owner and operator to a more comprehensive partner in our communities, able to offer each of our customers comprehensive care regardless of their residential location.  Aleca is now the leader in delivering quality and expertise across our spectrum of care.  Our organization was founded in 2008 on the premise of reshaping the way our guests receive care, challenging the status quo, raising standards, and changing opinions. Navigating the healthcare system is complex. We help patients and families with uncertainty, worry, and doubt by focusing on the best outcomes for all.

Why Choose Aleca?

For compassionate care performed at your home, Aleca is the only provider that offers such a comprehensive array of services. With Aleca, each patient is treated with love and dignity, allowing them to better reach their health outcomes, whether this means regaining motor function or receiving assistance with activities of daily living.

Home Health

At Aleca, our mission is to provide patients with the knowledge and assistance required to recover or live in the comfort of their home, enabling them to live happier, healthier, and more independent lives. Our home health success is rooted in the caliber of our caregivers. Aleca nurses, physicians, and care coordinators provide a holistic home care experience centered on the evolving needs of seniors.


Aleca hospice care is centered around the families we serve. We provide a comprehensive team that focuses not only on individual care but also on support and assistance for their families. Aleca Hospice believes in patient-centered care that empowers the voices of those who we serve. We make sure that care and comfort are provided in a dignified way that aligns with your unique preferences and personal values

Senior Living Therapy

With our team of senior living professionals, Aleca knows the importance of ongoing treatment in senior care communities. By partnering with your assisted living, memory care, or other senior community, we can execute therapeutic programming (both for individuals and groups) that increases the activity levels of your residents. In most cases, our therapists become an essential part of the senior communities they work in, ultimately providing greater health outcomes to residents. 

Work Injuries

For those injured on the job, Aleca’s designated workers’ compensation team provides cost-effective care and rehabilitation that allows patients to quickly reach their health goals––whether this means returning to work or living independently at home. Additionally, our workers’ compensation team will work with payers and claims adjusters to ensure patients maximize their compensatory coverage. This, combined with outpatient therapies and skilled nurses at home allow patients to recover effectively.

Outpatient Therapy

Our outpatient therapy program at Aleca can help you achieve the highest levels of independence following illness or injury. After discharge from a medical facility, our outpatient therapy team promotes healing, increases strength and endurance, and teaches patients how to prevent further pain or injury. Our staff at Aleca provides therapy plans tailored to the individual, allowing patients to regain self-efficacy as quickly as possible.


June Nardi

“I can’t say enough about this team and the care and compassion I received from each one of them. They are true professionals and have made a lasting impression with me.”

Sandra H Willwater

“Papa and I are so pleased that we had Aleca Home Health come to our home following his stroke. Everyone who came was a perfect match for our needs, and made a difference in Papa’s recovery.”

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