The Importance of Elderly Care at Home: Enhancing Comfort and Independence

The Importance of Elderly Care at Home: Enhancing Comfort and Independence

When you want your loved one to receive the proper medical care in a comfortable and relaxing environment, elderly care at home can be a viable option. Home health care provides medical-skilled services that typically require a doctor’s authorization. Home health care provides convenient, personalized, and professional care for your loved one. With home health care, patients can work on regaining or maintaining their independence in a familiar environment. Many times, home health care can help to speed up the recovery process after an injury or illness.

Benefits of Elderly Care at Home

Many families opt for home health care because of its many benefits for patients. When patients receive elderly home care, they don’t have to worry about obtaining transportation to medical appointments. This includes therapy and other services that can be provided as part of their home health care services.

For many patients, elderly care at home also provides a sense of security. Patients are in their own surroundings; providing the comfort and care they need to recover. When patients are placed in an unfamiliar environment, they may feel insecure. This can negatively impact their recovery and their emotional well-being. Patients may feel alone and become depressed. When they are receiving care at home, they are comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. This sense of security can spur confidence which can help in the recovery process.

Other benefits include:

  • Personalized care
  • Regaining as much self-sufficiency as possible
  • Professional home health care that is under a doctor’s orders

Besides the benefits for the patients, elderly care at home can also provide relief for caregivers. Having professionals come into the home can give caregivers a much-needed break. When they know that qualified medical professionals are taking care of their loved ones, they can feel secure that they are getting the care they need.

Who Qualifies for Home Health Care?

If you are looking for elderly care at home, it’s important to know whether your loved one qualifies for home health care at home. If you are looking for Medicare to cover home health care, your loved one must be at least 65 years old. If they are at least 65, these other criteria need to be met to qualify for home health care [1]:

  • You must be under a doctor’s care and be getting services under a plan that was created and will be reviewed regularly by a doctor.
  • Your doctor must certify that you need either intermittent skilled nursing care and/or physical therapy, speech-language pathology, or continued occupational therapy services.
  • You must be homebound a doctor must certify this condition.

Patients with the following conditions may qualify for home health care:

  • Orthopedic Surgery Recovery
  • Cardiac Conditions (bypass surgery, pacemakers, etc.)
  • Pulmonary conditions
  • Renal diseases
  • Wound care

People may not be eligible for home health care services if they need more than part-time skilled nursing care or can leave their homes for medical treatment or other non-medical reasons.

Finding Home Health Care Services

One of the best ways to find qualified home health care is to work off of your doctor’s recommendations. They should know which healthcare providers will be able to offer the best types of services for your loved ones.

If your doctor provides you with several options for home health services, you still want to do your research. This includes looking at the provider’s accreditations and making sure that they offer the services your loved one needs. You also want to read reviews and ask people around your area to see the type of reputation the company may have. Previous patients can provide first-hand information about the care they received that can help you better make your decision.

Other online resources can help you in your search, such as:

Gathering as much information as possible and comparing providers can help you find the best fit for your home health care needs.

Payment Options for Home Health Care Services


There are different options to pay for home health care services. While some people choose to pay privately or go through their private insurance company, Medicare may provide coverage if you qualify for Medicare. The home healthcare agency must be Medicare-certified, and you need to meet the criteria set forth by Medicare for services to be covered.[1]


When Medicare is not an option, some people look to Medicaid. Since each state runs its own Medicaid programs, you need to check the requirements and coverage where you live.


Another option is PACE (Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.[2] This is a growing Medicare and Medicaid initiative to help seniors. There are specific requirements that need to be met for someone to be eligible for coverage under the PACE program. PACE can cover elderly care at home as well as checkups and other medical care. Local PACE organizations work with medical providers to form the patient’s health care team.

VA Programs

If the patient is a veteran, it is also worth looking into several VA programs to see if they can help to pay for care at home.[2] It’s best to contact your local VA benefits office for more information. They can point you in the right direction for coverage for your specific situation.

Additional Support and Services

When you’re looking for elderly care at home or other health care services, Aleca is here for you. At Aleca, patients and families can take advantage of outpatient therapy, as well as senior living therapy and options, and hospice services.

Our highly skilled nursing team is here to provide the best care possible for your loved one. Our compassionate staff not only provides the professional medical services that they need but also spiritual and emotional support. You’ll find that our staff is here for you every step of the way.

Providing elderly care at home allows your loved one to get the care they need in a familiar environment. By enhancing comfort, they can recover quicker and gain the independence they were accustomed to. For more information on Aleca’s home health care services, contact us today.








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