My Experience as a Volunteer/Intern at Aleca Hospice

As an MSW (Master’s in Social Work) student at Arizona State University, I needed to find an internship placement to complete 480 required hours for this year. To me, it was more important to find a place that matched my career goals and interests. My initial interest in working with seniors started through the course material offered in school. I felt that not enough attention was being given to this vulnerable population and it made me want to do something about it. Interning at Aleca Hospice has confirmed my choice.

When most people think of hospice, they assume it is depressing and stressful work. What I learned volunteering at Aleca is that it is the opposite; peaceful and rewarding work. Our goal is to help our patients have a comfortable and peaceful death by tailoring the care to their every need: mind, body, and soul. It is all about the patients and families, and we see them as so much more than just their terminal diagnosis. My role as an intern is to learn and practice duties typical of a hospice social worker and provide emotional support to our members.

My favorite part of interning at Aleca is the limitless opportunities for learning and growth. If I feel I have mastered something there is always something else to learn. I have had opportunities to shadow and interview hospice team members. I have been able to partake in other areas outside of social work such as Aleca’s Bereavement program, marketing, Chaplain services, etc. Aleca is an innovative company and I feel confident sharing my ideas and/or suggestions with staff. The best part has been spending time with patients and their family members.

Lastly, I want to mention and thank my practicum supervisor at Aleca Hospice, Erin Spielman, who currently supervises interns and all aspects of internship. She is a wonderful human being who genuinely cares for the patients and the company. Throughout my internship, she has been invested in my success since day 1. She has so much experience in the field that she passes on without hesitation. There are a lot of hospices in the valley to choose from, but I am glad I chose Aleca Hospice.

– ASU intern


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