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Often, an injury or condition requires physical therapy following a hospital visit. While outpatient services are an option, the most convenient way to receive this treatment is at home. By receiving physical therapy (PT) at home, patients can regain movement in the comfort of their own homes and learn how to best maneuver around their surroundings. Home PT in Silverdale, Washington, can be integral to recovery for those with many conditions and injuries.

What Does Physical Therapy Include?

Physical therapy involves exercises, treatments, and massages to relieve pain and help patients regain mobility. They learn how to strengthen weakened muscles and how to balance themselves better. Many therapies use physical stimuli, such as heat, cold, and even electrical currents, to achieve results [1]. This includes:

  • Warm baths & heat lamps
  • Cold packs
  • Manual lymphatic drainage to help drain fluid from the tissues

Guided movements the therapist does for you can also be part of the treatment. During physical therapy sessions, many patients learn exercises they can do themselves to improve their movement. Doing the exercises when the physical therapist is not with you is also essential if you want to receive the maximum benefit.

Since each patient’s injury and condition varies, the type of treatment involved in their physical therapy will also differ. Physical therapists will work exclusively with their patients to develop the right course of treatment for their condition.

Conditions That Can Benefit from Home PT in Silverdale, Washington

Physical therapy is used to treat acute and chronic symptoms and to prevent future problems. It can also help patients recover from long-term medical issues, surgery, or injuries.

People with a variety of conditions can benefit from home PT in Silverdale, Washington, such as:

  • Back pain
  • Orthopedic surgery recovery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Respiratory diseases impacting the airways
  • Neurological and nerve-related diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis

Goals of Physical Therapy

Since each patient is dealing with a different ailment, the goals of their physical therapy sessions differ. Some common goals of PT are:

  • Relieving pain
  • Improving coordination and strength
  • Restoring the body’s ability to move normally
  • Improving metabolism and blood circulation
  • Preventing chronic problems

Physical therapy can also teach patients how to compensate for disabilities. If they are paralyzed in one arm, they can learn how to strengthen their other arm to make moving easier.

Benefits of Home Physical Therapy

While there are benefits of physical therapy outside the home, there are several specific advantages to therapy at home. One study found that home-based physical therapy sessions were just as effective as outpatient services and more effective in the long term [2]. Many patients find that in-home treatment is more intensive and beneficial because of the personalized treatment they can receive at home.

At home, patients receive one-on-one care from their therapists. There are no worries of the therapist having to treat other patients simultaneously or being distracted. They are entirely focused on giving patients the care they need.

The movements and exercises are immediately relatable because the patients are inside their homes. Physical therapists can show patients how to use doorways and other tools inside their homes. They don’t need to explain it to them, hoping they’ll understand when they get home. They can show them immediately, resulting in a more positive experience.

Physical therapy at home allows the patient to focus solely on their session without being distracted by noises or other patients around them. They don’t have to worry about overcrowded facilities or feel anxious about other patients watching them do their exercises.

Let Aleca Home Health Provide Home PT in Silverdale, Washington

Aleca Home Health provides home PT in the Silverdale, Washington, area to help make receiving treatment easier for our patients. Many cannot drive because of their conditions, while others may not have access to transportation. Allowing our physical therapists to come to you in a comfortable and familiar environment can provide the best chance at success.

Contact us today to learn more about the physical therapy and other services Aleca Home Health provides in the Silverdale, Washington, area.



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