Creating a Supportive Environment: The Importance of Family-Centered Hospice Services

Creating a Supportive Environment: The Importance of Family-Centered Hospice Services

There may come a time when you need to make the difficult decision of having hospice care for your loved one. At Aleca, we understand this can be an emotional time, so we offer family-centered hospice services that provide a supportive environment for the patient and the family.

We will examine what family-centered hospice services offer, the benefits, and how Aleca can help your family through this delicate time.

What is Hospice Care?

Knowing what this type of care entails is essential to better understand the importance of family-centered hospice care. Hospice care focuses on the quality of life of a patient who has a severe illness. Generally, these patients have an incurable condition or do not wish to undergo further treatments.1 Cancer patients or those suffering from cardiac disease, dementia, or Parkinson’s disease may ultimately choose hospice care over more medical intervention.

Hospice care can be a viable option for patients who are frequently in the hospital, have trouble with balance and falls, have difficulty performing daily living tasks, have progressive weight loss, and have experienced mental decline. Many patients choose to have hospice care where they live versus a facility so that they can be in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by loved ones. This can be at a private residence, nursing facility, or long-term care facility.

An honest discussion with your loved one’s healthcare provider can guide you to determine whether hospice services are a good fit.

Elements of Family-Centered Hospice Care

Family-centered hospice care provides comfort and many other benefits for patients and loved ones. These include:

Emotional Support

Families receive emotional support as their loved ones receive hospice care. Team members are available to listen, speak to, and offer spiritual support if requested.

Patients also receive emotional support as they come to terms with what is happening. This time can be difficult for many people to understand and accept.

Pain and Symptom Control

Care team members will work to control a patient’s pain and symptoms to make them as comfortable as possible during end-of-life care. The goal is to prevent the patient from suffering any further.


A hospice care team involves several medical professionals and nurses who continuously communicate with family members. Each team member is easily accessible to answer questions and give updates on the patient.

Involved in Decision-Making

Family-centered hospice care involves families in decision-making about their loved ones. It is comforting for many to know they will have a say in their loved one’s final days.

Medication Management & Medical Equipment

Hospice care provides the necessary medical equipment and medication management each patient requires at home.

Benefits of Family-Centered Hospice Services

The care that family-centered hospice services offer provides many benefits for patients and families.

Improved Quality of Life

When patients decide not to seek other medical interventions, they can experience an improved quality of life as much as possible. They can enjoy their final days surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of their home.

Personalized Care

Hospice team members get to know each patient personally, allowing them to offer compassionate, one-on-one care. Aleca prioritizes creating a supportive environment that revolves around each family’s unique needs and preferences. This level of care is not one that other types of care can offer patients and families, which is why many opt for family-centered hospice care.

Respite for Caregivers

Family-centered hospice services also provide necessary respite for caregivers. Taking care of loved ones can take its toll on family members. Having a hospice care team take the reins can allow caregivers to rest and take a minute to process what is happening.

Access to Bereavement Support

Hospice care also benefits families because of the bereavement support services it offers. Grief counselors are available to help families with their emotions and to deal with the death of their loved ones. Since hospice care is so personal, many team members form close relationships with family members, allowing them to provide the support they need during this difficult time.

Are You Looking for Family-Centered Hospice Services? Aleca is Here to Help

Aleca offers hospice care within Maricopa County, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe, as well as parts of northeastern Pinal County. When you choose our hospice services, you can expect your care to be led by an attending physician and include the aid of a medical director, nurse case manager, and care team. We take pride in providing customized care tailored to the needs of each patient.

Call Aleca today to learn more about how our family-centered hospice services can provide the care your loved one needs.




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