Broader Benefits of Volunteering: Giving Your Time Can Improve Personal and Professional Growth

Most of us are aware that volunteering creates several benefits to our communities and our own wellbeing.Volunteering increases understanding and empathy, while giving people a greater purpose in their life.It can help people understand other cultures and gain a deeper connection to their community.But did you know volunteering has many impacts far beyond the obvious?

Volunteering helps individuals learn to step out of their comfort zone, explore interests they may have never considered, and it can help broaden professional relationships. Some areas you might not have considered are:

  1. New Skill Development
  2. Networking Opportunities
  3. Improved Work and Social Life Balance
  4. Acquiring and Practicing New Skills
  5. Exploring New Career Opportunities
  6. Enhancing Cultural Awareness
  7. Developing Leadership Skills

Whether you are seeking an opportunity to find a deeper purpose or get more connected in your community, volunteering may just have some added benefits you have not considered. Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on a new challenge will most certainly expand your personal and professional abilities. Growth comes from pushing ourselves to try new skills, learn from others, and collaborate with individuals we would not normally interact with.

Aleca Hospice is seeking new volunteers with a variety of skill sets as well as offering opportunities to try something totally different for you. Contact us today and we would be honored to collaborate with you on this exciting journey!

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