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Trust Your Patients to Aleca Hospice Care

Our highly skilled care team serves each patient and their family holistically, supporting their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs following a physician-driven plan of care. Aleca Hospice allows patients to have more control over the way their final months of life are spent and includes the ability to pursue activities they choose rather than going to doctor’s offices or the hospital.

Aleca Hospice provides a comprehensive and compassionate range of services, as we recognize that our loved ones all have uniquely different needs. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach to ensure patients receive end-of-life services that are parallel to the patient’s and family’s wishes, and these can be provided wherever they call home.

Aleca Hospice care is available in Arizona, and our collaborative team offers a wide range of specialties and expertise.

Collaborative Care

At Aleca Hospice, our highly skilled team is devoted to providing patient-centered care which empowers the unique voices of all those we serve. We will be steadfast in engaging your patients, their families and caregivers in the design and implementation of thier care. We will make sure thier care and comfort are provided in a dignified way and in accordance with their unique preferences and personal values. At Aleca Hospice, we recognize the significance of each precious, end-of-life journey and we will do all we can to provide an empowering hospice experience.

Hospice provides comprehensive comfort care as well as support for the family. At some point, it may not be possible to cure a serious illness, or a patient may choose not to undergo certain treatments. Hospice is designed for this situation. 

Hospice Care For Terminal Illness

Hospice care can help anyone living with a terminal illness, such as:

  • Cardiac disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Cancer
  • Advanced Neurological Disease
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Lung disease
  • Stroke
  • And many others

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Your Aleca Hospice Care Team

Through an interdisciplinary team approach, our physician-led clinical teams develop a detailed hospice plan of care based on your patient’s choices to promote the highest quality of life for your patient.

Attending Physician

Provides medical management of the patient’s treatment

Director of Clinical Services

Coordinates the care between the patient and the interdisciplinary team

Medical Director

Provides expertise from the Hospice Care perspective

Registered Nurse Case Manager

Provides direct patient care, coordinates with physicians, teaches the family and/or other caregivers how to care for the patient and works with the interdisciplinary team to provide any needed supports

Social Workers

Provides direct support and counseling for the patient, family members and caregivers and assists the patient and family to access community resources

Home Health Aides/Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

Provide personal care such as bathing and grooming, under the direction of the RN


May provide emotional support and companionship to patients and their families, provide respite for caregivers and family members involved in the patient’s care

Certified Nurse Practitioner

Provides Palliative and or pain management support collaborating with Physician as needed

Why Choose Aleca Hospice

Terminal and life-limiting conditions not only affect patients but also their families and friends. Hospice services from Aleca Hospice first and foremost provide patients with comfort and solace when they need it most. Through our holistic approach to hospice care, we also work with families and loved ones to give patients the means with which to live out their lives in a dignified manner in the comfort of their homes.

It all starts with our physician-led team of healthcare professionals. Aleca’s team of skilled nurses, counselors, volunteers, and bereavement coordinators simultaneously provides health-related and emotional support to both patients and their families. Our hospice approach not only addresses a patient’s medical condition, but it also recognizes the importance of family in one’s end-of-life journey.  Rather than facing this journey alone, Aleca Hospice Care works in tandem with the existing support system of patient families. By evaluating and addressing the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a patient’s situation, we execute a coordinated effort to create an environment of comfort and care.

Under Aleca Hospice Care, a patient’s primary physician will supervise their care. All orders and prescriptions will be followed and implemented by our staff of skilled nurses, social workers, bereavement coordinators, and home health aides. These professionals are assisted by additional volunteers who may provide emotional support to family members or temporary respite care. 

Additionally, as a patient’s condition progresses, their assistive technology and medical equipment needs may change. With Aleca Hospice Care, we provide access to all of the necessary medical supplies needed to ensure the highest quality of healthcare for your patient. 

At Aleca, we recognize that our loved ones all have different needs. That is why our physician-led approach meets both medical needs and the emotional needs of a family. Compassionate, flexible, and highly skilled, our hospice team can make each end-of-life journey an empowering experience.

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